Who is Thought Starter for?
Anyone who has thought about changing the world but isn’t sure where to start. Thought Starter works for individuals, teams or whole organisations. Age, background or experience are no barrier. Whether you want to kick off a new project, start a new habit, sort something out at work, or work something out at school, Thought Starter can help.

Why isn’t this just an app?
The Thought Starter Kit was devised as a physical product because we wanted people to feel the power they have to change the world right in the palm of their hands. When you can literally touch and hold something it inspires a very particular kind of energy that we believe puts you in the best mindset to take real, tangible action. It’s also much harder to ignore a ‘Do it’ sticker on your notebook than it is to forget about an app on the fourth screen on your phone.

How can I get involved?
Thought Starter is available as a kit, a workshops for organisations and an offer for conferences. If you’ve already experienced it and found it valuable, we’d love it if you could spread the word. Buy a kit for a friend or colleague, have us run a workshop for your organisation, invite us to your event, or tell the press about this great little thing called Thought Starter. If you’ve got any other ideas for collaboration we’d love to hear them.

Why is the ‘buy one, give one’ programme focused on young people?
The future is in the hands of people that make things happen. We want to ensure the next generation realise the power each of them has to impact the direction of society. By providing a Thought Starter Kit to a school or youth organisation for every kit purchased, we double our impact and do our bit to shape a better society for years to come.

If you have any other questions please say hello.