The thought that started Thought Starter…

Our world is in the hands of the people who make things happen.

Those who graft and grind and get up ready every morning? They know that ideas and words and prayers can only go so far; that the only way to make a difference is through action.

If you don't like the way something is you have to make it better. There’s not much more to it. To get things done, you do.

Don't wait.
Don't blame.
Don't make excuses.

Just act.

Young or old. Black or white. Round or square. It doesn’t matter. You can change the world. And you can start right now.


The Inspiration.

Thought Starter was inspired by Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s six steps of nonviolent social change. His approach has changed the world before, and in your hands it can again.

The Team.

Thought Starter was started by Daianna and Robbie, two people just like you who want to help millions of people change things that are important to them.

The power is in your hands. We just make the tools.

Use them. Join us. Be a Thought Starter.