For anyone who's thought about changing the world, but isn't quite sure where to start.


We all have things we’d like to change — about the world, our community, ourselves. But hoping and grumbling changes nothing. Change only happens by doing. 


Thought Starter makes it easy to start doing.

Thought Starter KIt

Thought Starter Kit

The Thought Starter Kit contains six simple tools inspired by Martin Luther King's 'Six Steps of Social Change' and informed by behavioural science. Use it to kickstart the change you want to see.

Thought Starter Events

Thought Starter Events

Thought Starter Events bring people together to create change at scale. Run one at your organisation, event or conference and go beyond just talking to do more doing.


Changing the world two people at a time.


Every day we help people change the world. They start volunteering, launch new projects, begin writing books and much more. In turn, our community of Thought Starters helps us make even bigger change by supporting our buy one give one programme.

For every Thought Starter Kit purchased, one goes to a school or youth organisation to support social change by young people, empowering a generation of doers.